Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles On Hold

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JBL member Bacasino broke the news here yesterday that he received an e-mail from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club stating the Alpha Wave 3 vehicles were cancelled.  I called the club and they confirmed this was the case.  I asked if they were cancelled or merely postponed, but couldn’t get any further confirmation.  I also asked if there was anything else on the chopping block, and was told that this was the only thing for now.

 There are a lot of fans weighing in on this topic, and some burning questions such as was it the price?  Did they over-produce?  Or maybe it’s the uninspired repaints that are coming with the some of the less-popular vehicles.  Whatever the case, I have to think we’ll see some of these down the road, since the money’s already been spent on the tooling.  Jump in and leave your thoughts here.