A Reminder from MadMac41

baronessnvipersm.jpg With the GI Joe Collectors Convention a little more than a week away I want to remind those of you who won’t be attending this year that if you have any questions for the Hasbro GI Joe Team to put them in this area. I will do my best to get answers to as many questions as I can. While the Hasbro Panels answer a good deal of our questions sometimes they just aren’t long enough to get to all of them, So I usually spend a good deal of time talking to the Team asking questions offering input(With some success I might add) and in general being such a pain in the @$$ that they will tell me anything I want to know just to get away from me. I will be leaving for K.C. next Tuesday Morning and I’m not real sure if I will have Internet access until after the Con, So be sure you get your questions in before Monday evening. Fred, Chris and Justin can get in touch with me while I am there so if  you PM one of them after Monday I still might be able to ask your questions.MadMac Out!