2009 Joe Con Set Photos!

Ready for Kansas City?

The GI Joe Collector Club has unveiled pics of the 2009 “Crimson Strike Team” in all their 25th Anniversary-style glory!  Check out the redeco’s of the Baroness, Tomax, and Xamot and the newly-configured Cobra Viper in their “elite attire”.

To celebrate the G.I. Joe brand’s 45th Anniversary, Hasbro has
granted the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club a special edition of the 25th Anniversary sculpt 3 3/4” figures for the return of the Crimson Strike Team. These convention exclusive versions of the Crimson Twins, Baroness and a set of twelve “army builder” style Cobra Vipers will once again appear in their unique crimson deco. Each fan favorite comes with their classic weapons and accessories in this exciting 2009 fifteen figure boxed set!

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