“The Secret Influence of Comic Books”

An article by Nick Nadel at has this to say about this summer’s release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra:

G.I. Joe: Revenge of Cobra
If there is anything even remotely cool or interesting about Stephen “The Mummy” Sommers’ take on the “Real American Hero,” you can thank longtime G.I. Joe comic book scribe Larry Hama. Through his work on the comic (which at one time outsold The Uncanny X-Men) and on the filecards that came with the action figures, Hama established the many character traits and story points that fans know and love: Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes being part of the same mysterious ninja clan? Drawn from Hama’s own background in martial arts and Japanese history. Cobra Commander’s transformation from an average guy to a maniacal extremist? That’s Hama too. Snake Eyes and Scarlett’s romance? A Hama creation that was more complex than the cartoon’s simplistic Duke/Scarlett flirtation. The fact that Sommers brought Hama in as an on-set consultant speaks to the writer’s influence on the franchise. Though even he couldn’t stop the filmmaker from bringing in those silly accelerator suits.

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