JBL Wins TNI’s Ultimate Fan Site Competition!

Congratz go out to the JBL Jugglers Captained by General Scarlett along with Beachhead666,Kingofnod5,MaxPower and SnakeEyes1975 for bringing home the honor of Ultimate Fan Site! To read the offical post from JayC at TNI click the more button. Drop in and congratulate them by clicking here.

Before I get to the results and everything I first wanted to just thank everyone who participated and I hope that you all had fun with it. Also though the contest was named the “Who Is The GIJoe Ultimate Fan Site.” I want you to know I think you all qualifie for that title. If you take the time out of what I’m sure is a busy scheduel whether it be a job or school or what have you to try and contribute to this hobby and help it to grow then IMO that makes you an “Ultimate Fan Site.” It’s not about how much traffic you have or who breaks what news first, it’s about trying to make something we all enjoy more fun for others, and the fact is the more people who can be brought in to enjoy the hobby the stronger it will be for us all.

On a second not I would just once again like to thank Joel over at BigBadToyStore.com for putting up the $50 store credit for each member of the winning team. Being a toy retailer or any type of etailer in this current economic environment we find ourselves in these days isn’t easy and Joel continues to bring a large assortment of products to us collectors at fairly reasonable prices. So I hope everyone continues to check them out for their collector needs.

Ok so here are the results for the 5th and final competition:

Koga Klan wins the competition with 305 points

JBL Jugglers come in with 40 points.

Koga Klan wins the competition and recieves an additional 15 points making their total score 320 points.

Now for the final overall contest results. Again thanks to all, we got to see alot of great entries from all of you over the course of the competiton and really your all winners in my book.

The Terror Squad – Terrordrome.com (-7 Points)
– Redkat (Team Captain)
– Tolan
– Sgt Slaughters
– Miketime
– Mad Joe Customizer

“The So Called Experts” of JoeIntel – JoeIntel.com (27 Points)
– Roger “Goofateer” (Team Captain)
– Dan “dmooretoys”
– Patrick “notpicard”
– Kevin “KrymsynSith”
– Tattoo Shane

Screaming Eagles – Johio.com (64 Points)
– Rockshield (Team Captain)
– MaroonTyphoon
– Viper934
– Alley Viper
– Nova

Koga Clan – Ultimatetoycollections.com (535 Points)
– Danjoes.com (Team Captain)
– Action Figure Soundwave
– Jediprimus

And the winner is………

JBL Jugglers – Joebattlelines.com (571 points)
– General Scarlett (Team Captain)
– Beachhead666
– Kingfnod5
– MaxPower
– SnakeEyes1975

Again good job to everyone. JBL Jugglers Captain, please PM me the real names and email address’ for each team member. Their info will be forwarded to BBTS and they will set you up with your store credits later this week.