25th Anniversary animation battle packs up for pre-order at BBTS!

bigbadtoystore2.jpgMore exciting new pre-0rders have been posted at BigBadToyStore.com!

The first two animation battle packs are now available for pre-order and are tentatively scheduled to arrive in July 2008.

Each set includes at least three unique action figures and a DVD copy of one of the first two Sunbow animated mini-series. Also included in each set is a piece of the imfamous “MASS Device”– purchasing all five sets in the line will allow fans to recreate one of Cobra’s most diabolical weapons. The first set – “The MASS Device”– includes Stalker w/ jetpack, Baroness in underwater gear, Cobra Trooper, and “radioactive” Snake Eyes w/ Timber. The second set — “The Revenge of Cobra”– includes Lady Lady (sans hat), Destro, Roadblock (with creeper vines), and a replica of the Weather Dominator.

Other sets in the series (not available at this time) include “The Pyramid of Darkness”, “Arise, Serpentor! Arise!”, and “GIJoe: The Movie”.

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