Hasbro Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set SDCC Exclusive

The Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set is coming to San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Hasbro IDW Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set

Sweet Colton’s Ghost!  Just when you thought that we’d seen and heard all that there was to know about the future of G.I. Joe this year Entertainment Weekly dropped a MOAB of exclusive news.  Debuting this year at San Diego Comic Con and available at both Canda’s Fan Expo and then eventually at HasbroToyShop.com, the IDW Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set isn’t just a long name– it’s a $99.00 box of so much epic goodness that this long-time toy fan doesn’t know where to start.  Seriously…

Hasbro IDW Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set

Inspired by the debut miniseries of IDW’s Hasbro Shared Universe, this set includes something from EACH of the brands that will comprise the forthcoming Hasbro Cinematic Universe.  That’s right Children of the 80’s, the Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set includes all of the following:

Seriously… all of this for a whopping $99!  That’s it!  This is a CRAZY good deal.

I’m not going to lie– as far as this toy collector is concerned there isn’t one single weak spot in the Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set.  Seriously.  I’m old enough to remember both ROM and the Micronauts when they were at retail the first time around. I have a real soft spot for Jetfire as both a Transformers and a Robotech fan.  The new incarnation of M.A.S.K. intrigues me.  While I have no nostalgia whatsoever for Visionaries I like the design of Leoric.

Oh yeah, and then there’s RENEGADES FREAKING ROADBLOCK!!!

Seriously– this set is a virtual love letter to the fans of all of Hasbro’s now in-house properties.  I’m not going to lie– between this and the Cobra Missile Command Headquarters reissue I’m going to be wearing out the F5 key when these drop on HasbroToyShop.

Seriously– to all involved at Hasbro, THANK YOU for the Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set.  You’ve made this child of the 80’s very happy indeed!

3 thoughts on “Hasbro Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set SDCC Exclusive

  1. Holy Hannah! I am super, super, super excited about this set. I echo what you said Fred, I too am old enough to remember all this from my childhood and I even had all the Visionaries (and still do)! That Leoric looks amazing. I agree there’s not a weak spot in this set. If anything, I’m least excited about the Action Man. But regardless, I’m clearing off space on the shelf now!

    But somebody help me out with this…Jetfire is clearly not 1:18 scale. But it looks like the Micronauts might would theoretically fit in the cockpit. Is there any kind of correlation there? Or is Jetfire just not to scale in this set?

    • Yeah, I was really wondering if there was some correlation between the Transformers and the Micronauts in the new IDW storyline. I only collect 1:18 scale TFs, like the convention crossover sets, so I was trying to think of some excuse to allow this Jetfire in. I just wasn’t sure if in the new storyline Micronauts rode around in TFs or something. That would give me an excuse to consider it 1:18 scale.

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