FSS 4 Billy Arboc is revealed!

No more words… FSS 4 Billy Arboc has been unveiled!

FSS 4 Billy Arboc


(Based on the never before released G.I. Joe comic book character!)

Includes: NEW head, submachine gun, sword, grappling hook, and figure stand.

Note: Photoshop coloration make some parts look glossy but will not be that way on production figure.


You know what– I like it!  It’s very much based on how good ole Billy appeared back in the Devil’s Due days.  It’s simple, practical, and very effective.  It’s exactly what I had hoped for when it came to Billy. It’s as if he stepped right off the page of DDP G.I. Joe #20!

billy arboc

One thing that puzzles me is why Billy’s last name was changed from “Kessler” to “Arboc”.  Sure, I get the fact that “Arboc” is an anagram for “Cobra” but it’s a bit too on the nose for me.  It’s kind of like the how the Baroness’ last name was transformed officially into “DeCobray” even though the initial reference was a casual pun by Major Bludd.  (Seriously– look it up!)

To snag the FSS 4 Billy Arboc and rest of FSS 4, use the following link and complete your order before MIDNIGHT CST on July 15, 2015: