Meet the FSS 4 Cobra Ice Ninja Night Creeper!

The FSS 4 Cobra Ice Ninja comes out of nowhere in today’s Figure Subscription Service 4 preview!

FSS 4 Cobra Ice Ninja


(Based on the 1998 Toys “R” Us exclusive action figure!)

Includes: removable head wrap, snow cloak, crossbow, sword, backpack, and figure stand.

Well, the Cobra Ice Ninja contains a few surprises for this Joe fan.  I hadn’t expected the Club to utilize the Retaliation Storm Shadow legs for this particular build.  I’m also pleasantly surprised by the use of the G.I. Joe Trooper cloak!  It appears to be a fairly solid build that ties back nicely to the 1998 Toys R Us Night Creeper rather nicely.   I wish that the Club would stop releasing potential troop builders in their FSS waves but, from their standpoint, it’s a way to encourage people to pick up multiple subscriptions.

(Fighting the urge to make a “White Knight” pun.  Really.  Get it?  “White Night Creeper”?  Never mind…)

To snag the Cobra Ice Ninja and rest of FSS 4, use the following link and complete your order before MIDNIGHT CST on July 15, 2015:

2 thoughts on “Meet the FSS 4 Cobra Ice Ninja Night Creeper!

  1. The figures would look so much better with some new tooling, which there seems to be very little of in this series. The cool legs on the Night Creeper go to waste with the antiquated head and torso. All the 25th anniversary tooling needed retired years ago. I wonder if this is going to be the final leg of the FSS, as Boss Fight looks to have been called upon much less here.

    • Agree 100% about the 25th Anniversary tooling. Whoever is designing these builds for the Club needs to move on.

      Oddly enough, the Night Creeper is based on a Hasbro concept case design which means the club have very little to do with the figure’s parts construction. No wonder this figure stands out as better than the rest!

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