11 days to G.I. Joe Retaliation – Snake Eyes and a bit of catching up.

Twitziller continues his countdown to G.I. Joe Retaliation with today’s reason to be excited for the film’s release – Snake Eyes.

In some ways, the Marvel Comics series of G.I. Joe very much became the story of Snake Eyes.  Initially the silent member of the original 13, the black-clad commando found himself to be the subject of more and more of the series mythos until finally for a brief period the title was dubbed “G.I. Joe – Starring Snake Eyes & Ninja Force.”  That level of over-exposure, however, did nothing to hamper his appeal because Snake Eyes was written as a character with substance.  From his tragic background with the death of his family to his time in Japan to his horrific disfigurement Snake Eyes was the Joe who never gave up and never surrendered.  He fought on against endless odds when lesser men would have quit, sat down, and wallowed in a sense of self-pity.  For that very reason, Larry Hama took what could have been a gimmicked character and instead turned him into someone who could serve as an inspiration to anyone who has ever found themselves facing a seemingly impossible situation.

During the past few days, the countdown updates haven’t posted at JBL.  Without going into details, there was a bit of a medical emergency which kept me from updating the site as often as I would have liked.  So, to bring those folks who haven’t see the rest of the reason up to date they will be presented below without comment.  (Especially the “14 days” image which even Twitziller felt needed to explanation.

Reason #12 – London Attack


Reason #13 – Costume Design


Reason #14 – Cobra Commander


You can view the entire countdown series below as March 28, 2013 draws closer and closer.