G.I. Joe Con 2013: Registration goes live February 1st!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club sent out the following email last night to let members know that registration for the 2013 convention should go live TODAY!

Hello all,

Barring any unforseen issues we will start registration on Friday, February 1.

If you can’t log in, check your log in at gijoeclub.com/shop.  If you have expired, you will not
be able to receive member pricing.

If you are registering with another member, you will need their log in and password to receive
member pricing.

If you complete your order with non-member pricing, we CANNOT adjust your pricing.   Please
understand what you are ordering and confirm the pricing before you check out.

Please take a look at the souvenir T-shirts, Hat and Beanie that you can add to your order at the end.
You will find pictures under the exclusives tab.  The Night Force shirt and both hats glow in the dark.

If you have not read the brochure, please do so before you register as you have 8 minutes to complete
your registration before the system puts your items back into stock.   You cannot hold them in your
cart longer than that amount of time, however you can start over.

Sets are limited and we cut the 12″ sets down by 1/3rd so they are really limited this year.

We do reserve the right to limit any member’s quantities if we deem them excessive.

Attending and Non-attending can both register Friday.

I’ll send out an email when the link is live.

Thanks for your patience, see you in Indy!


In a rare first, both attending and non-attending members can register at the same time!  Normally non-attending registration must wait until attending applicants have gone first, typically dealing with a limited stock of convention sets remaining.  Perhaps, after last year’s debacle with the near instantaneous sell-out of the Oktober Guard the Club has seen fit to increase production numbers to more reasonable levels, ensuring that more of their membership can enjoy the year’s convention set.

Also released were images of the 2013 convention t-shirts including an AWESOME GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Night Force t-shirt and hat!!!

For more registration info, keep your eyes and browsers peeled at GIJoeCon.com!