Iron Klaw revealed and some collected Club subscription quotes

Facebook seems to be the preferred communication method of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club these days with all of the reveals of the subscription figures.  It’s also a place where the Club has been answering questions in “real time” with fans regarding the “still to be revealed” 6 month program.   After mining through some of the official posts, I’ve been able to glean the following bits of additional information:

  • The subscription sign up period will be longer than 2 weeks.
  • A subscription FAQ will be posted once the sub is available.
  • Figures produced use Hasbro sculpts and will be shipped on 25A style cards.
  • You MUST be an Officer-level member of the Collector’s Club to be eligible for the subscription.
  • The cost-per-figure is likely to be below $25.00 per item. (Due to low production numbers)
  • The number of figures produced will be based upon the number of subscriptions sold.
  • Figures will be shipped 2 at a time in special packaging. (Seen below)

Keep your eyes peeled on the Club’s Facebook Page, Twitter feed, and at for more details.

Check out the gallery below for a pic of both Iron Klaw (Monday’s reveal) as well as the shipping package preview revealed yesterday!