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Slaughter's Marauders Iron Grenadiers Triple T & Conclusion

TTT Tank

In addition to the 12 Kreons, the set includes the first new construction build since the Terrordrome released last year - SGT Slaughter’s Triple ’T’ tank!

The Triple ‘T’ was originally released in 1986 with the second version of SGT Slaughter, and was featured in the cartoon’s season 2 opening.The tank features a primarily white and green paint scheme with black gun turrets, missiles, and back engine cover. The 3 ¾” vehicle saw action again in 1988 with Night Force and 1991 as a mail-away with variant colors.


The 140-piece set faithfully recreates the Triple ’T’ even featuring working treads not seen in the original release. The two bags of Kre-O parts follow the scheme of the original Triple ‘T’ using white, green, and black pieces. Unlike past sets that included decals for placement on the builds, the Triple-’T’ logos and identifying emblems are already printed on the pieces.

The instruction manual found inside the Triple ‘T’ box contains all the information to assemble both teams as well as the step by step process for building the tank. The pages are fantastically illustrated and the book also includes the file cards for both SGT Slaughter and Destro.


When comparing the Kreons side by side with previous releases one might not notice any differences, but upon closer inspection we find there are two minor changes and one slightly major modification between this exclusive set and those that have come before it.

The major revision, which affects the compatibility of the SDCC Kreons with their older counterparts, is found at the waist in the connection between the legs and torso. The SDCC Kreons now include a round pin inside the torso that fits within a hole on the waist peg. This new connection will allow the SDCC legs to be used on older Kreons, however the torsos are no longer compatible with older legs. I still consider this an improvement in the Kreons as it makes for a much tighter connection at the waist.

A similar hole is found in the neck peg, but the round pin does not carry over to the head piece. This is a minor difference that does not affect any compatibilities between Kreons past and present.

The last upgrade I noticed was in the hand pieces. The new hands are not as thick as old hands and allow for a better grip on weapons and accessories. They also allow for a connection to be made with 1x1 studs such as the round cans of Yo Joe Cola!

The Wrap-up

I’m amazed every time SGT Slaughter is able to be brought back into the G.I. Joe fold. I never expected to see him in Kre-O form outside of a custom, but I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to add him again to the G.I. Joe roster. I do hope every Kre-O fan that wishes to add this set to their collection gets the chance, as it adds many great characters to a thankfully still growing G.I. Joe Kre-O universe. The Kre-O team at Hasbro should be commended for assembling this incredible exclusive. From the packaging, to the figures, to the Kre-O build, this assortment is a fine example of the potential the G.I. Joe Kre-O line can achieve. One can only hope we are able to see it continue back on retail shelves soon.




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