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Slaughter's Marauders Iron Grenadiers Triple T & Conclusion

Slaughter's Marauders

Slaughter’s Marauders made their debut in 1989 as a subset line representing G.I.Joe’s heavy artillery unit. Three of the original members made a second appearance alongside Falcon and the Renegades in a seven figure box set released in 2011.

The SDCC set features the original six Marauders. Once again the team is led by none other than SGT Slaughter himself. He joins Spirit and Barbecue in making their Kre-O debut. Low-Light, Footloose, and Mutt & Junkyard make their second appearances in Kre-O form. Each character sports the Marauder’s colors of green, brown and blue. Weapons and accessories are included, some of which we are seeing for the first time in the G.I. Joe Kre-O line (Although they may have appeared previously in Transformers and Cityville Kre-O releases).

The most notable new accessories include: Spirit’s falcon, Freedom, SGT Slaughter’s cap and baton, and Barbecue’s ax, helmet, and water pistol.

Each member of the Marauder’s is printed to match his original 3 ¾” release. I have always been amazed by the level of detail the Kreons are able to achieve, and how well Hasbro is able to capture the look of the original characters on such a small scale.






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