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Here a few of the questions that I've received regarding the site in the past year. If you have questions about JBL email us and the staff will be happy to answer them.

Are you owned by Hasbro?

No, JBL is an independently owned and operated site. While we love the products that Hasbro produces we are in no way affiliated with them.

What’s the deal with JBL and the Ringofcollectors.com? Does RoC own JBL?:

Joebattlelines.com is an independently owned and operated GIJoe site. Our affiliation with Ringofcollectors.com came about because I was working on the RoC when I was offered the chance to helm JBL (then sgtsavage.com). At the time I was doing GIJoe reviews for RoC, as well as assisting with Toy Fair coverage, etc. The two sites worked together on projects such as coverage of the GIJoe Collector’s Convention and yet JBL maintained its own GIJoe Review Archive. In fact, some of the toy reviews shown here were at one time hosted at the RoC. The affiliation ended in late March 2004 when I found that my interest in lines other than GIJoe had waned considerably. My focus has always been on GIJoe and now it is my sole focus on the web.

So, RoC and JBL are independant of each other now?

That's correct. When our afiiliation ended, JBL "struck out" on its own once again. We maintain our own forums and will (someday) be upgrading to a full-fledged chat room! As for now, we've got a basic chat, active forums, and a site with daily GIJoe news and reviews.

Why do all of the pics on this site have site logos stamped onto them?

This process is referred to as ‘water-marking’ and is used to shown where the picture originated. This was not a common process until a few years ago when a toy collector site started “stealing” images and displaying them as their own. Since then, many sites have taken to placing a site logo onto the image to show ownership of the photo. It is not meant to take away from your enjoyment of these pictures but serves rather to protect the photo’s creator.

What happened to SgtSavage.com?

In February 2004, Sgtsavage.com became JoeBattlelines.com. Brian Savage Peterson transferred the ownership of the site over to Fred Meyer and the name was changed due to the fact that the domain Sgtsavage.com was no longer available. Much of the content of the SgtSavage.com site is found at JBL in addition to many new features including the Review Archive and the Daily Battle Briefings.

So, where's Sarge?

"Sarge", as the founder of SgtSavage.com is "lovingly" referred to, has since retired from the web community. He and his wife are living happily with their now-three children and Sarge has gone on to focus on developing his own web-design business. Sarge still remains a friend and mentor and is a person I consider myself lucky to have met.

What do you get out this site? Free figs? Money?

JBL is a "labor of love" for me. I've been a GIJoe fan since 1982 and haven't regretted one minute of it. Between the comics, television series, and action figure lines I've been able to satisfy all of my "geek urges" with GIJoe. All of the figures that are reviewed on the come from fans' personal collections. I don't get paid for running JBL nor do I make any profit from it. It's all about sharing something that means a lot to me with fans everywhere.

From Devil's Due:

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