A page like this always feels like a bad Academy Awards speech to me but I've been told by numerous people that I really should do one. I know I'm going to leave a whole platoon of people out-- not intentionally but just because it's my luck to forget someone important. Well, here goes:

To my Mother & Father who kept a small child well-stocked in Real American Heroes. You guys are amazing role models of perservernce and patience.

To Brian Savage Peterson-- the man, the myth, the legend. Sarge is one of those people that leaves a definite impression wherever he goes and why he entrusted his site to some forum lurker from Illinois I'll never know. Thanks for the trust Sarge-- I hope I can carry the torch that you lit for years to come.

To Brandon Jerwa whose view of the Joe Universe is much like my own. I can't count the hours that I've spent on AIM reading your thoughts and thinking that they mirrored my own. Your run on the Joe title was one of the best there ever was and don't you forget it.

To Thad Powell-- who helped me come up with the name "JoeBattlelines" one day at work when I discovered that I was soon to be the owner of GIJoe site. Thad is one of my oldest and dearest friends and he's done a phenomenal job of raising several young Joe fans of his own! I know I always owe you a phone call, but I'm proud to call you my friend.

To Justin "General Hawk" Bell, who inspired me to write my first online toy review. I can't remember what the figure even was anymore but if it weren't for GeneralsJoes, I'd never have discovered just how cool the Interrogator really is!

To Mike "TheMatrix" Breaux, who let me post my first review over at his then-fledgling site See what you did, Mike? See what you did!!!

To EEJ, Edgefind, AdrienVeidt, Harlan Rosen, Salvoinacan, EEJ, and all of the other mods and staff that have come and gone during my tenure at JBL. We didn't always see eye-to-eye on matters but we've always agreed on one thing and that is our love of a certain group of Real American Heroes. You guys taught me the ropes of this whole "web community thing" and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

I know I'm forgetting a whole slew of others... it's not intentional and I'll hopefully get you added soon!


Fred Meyer
March 14, 2004
Pekin, IL

Copyright 2003