Review & pics by: Fred Meyer
DTC - Scrap Iron

  Review & pics by Fred Meyer

For years, the original Cobra Anti-Armor Specialist had the distinction of having only been released once. He had no subsequent versions other than his original release mold nor any repaints or team subset versions. Along comes the relaunch and Scrap Iron appears in the Cobra Strike Team – Urban Division as well as in Comic Pack #49. However, both of these were simply repaints of the original (and classic) Scrap Iron mold. Even Major Bludd managed to get a few new versions while poor Scrap Iron was related to being a “one mold man”—until now.

Scrap Iron front

To me, a great update consists of elements of the classic design as well as new more modern stylistic elements. Scrap Iron is the very epitome of this concept. The figure design is both homage to the original as well as a sleek and stylish new design. The classic helmet is there, but it’s a bit more streamlined. The collared shirt is still there, but now it’s under what appears to be composite body armor. The visor is there but now it’s in the form of two gold-colored lenses. Scrap Iron also has two massive armored pads protecting his shoulders that are very evocative of the Spy Troops Iron Grenadiers. (Appropriate considering that the v1 file card hints that Scrap Iron may have been a product designer for MARS.) Yet, with all of these similarities the sculpt is not just a straight copy of the original. Scarred metal braces are now strapped to his forearms while a Cobra sigil adorns not only his helmet but also his chest plate and shoulder armor. Rather than simple pants, he seems to have armored plates strapped over his legs and his belt resembles nothing so much as Batman’s utility belt. This is a Scrap Iron that is prepared to handle explosive munitions and also doesn’t appear to mind getting down and dirty with the troops. In other words, I like it!

Scrap Iron closeup

Scrap Iron's sigils

When this figure was first shown, some fans bemoaned the loss of this signature missile launcher. I was not one of them. Consider this—most of this wave of DTC figures were already designed when the hiatus came. Therefore this version of Scrap Iron was most likely part of the rumored “Robot Rebellion” theme. Now, take a look at Scrap Iron’s rifle and tell me honestly that this isn’t a gun made for cracking open BATs like cashews. Seriously, the cannon is massive, appears to fire some sort of rocket projectile, and is the type of cannon that would make Ellen Ripley green with envy. In other words, this is the perfect weapon for a modern Anti-Armor Specialist. I can picture the scene now—Scrap Iron and a group of new-sculpt Vipers are working their way through an underground facility that is over-run with Overkill’s BATs. A careless viper gets too far ahead of the group only to come face-to-face with a BAT v6. He staggers backwards, struggling for his weapon, when the BAT’s torso explodes in a ball of fire. The viper looks up, to see Scrap Iron holding his smoking mega-cannon, with a cocked grin on his face. “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun.” Oh yeah, I LOVE this weapon!

Scrap Iron's gear

It is important to note that this rifle will also combine the sniper rifle that was packaged with Spirit. The two holds on the undersize of the barrel connect with two pins on the side of the sniper rifle to form a sort of “mega-cannon”. Whether this combination is the result of the new BAT’s ability to self-repair (see pics of the BAT ATTACK set from the con for more on this) or some other new gimmick, it’s just another indication that this figure was planned long before the hiatus was announced.

Scrap Iron - combined arms?

So, is Scrap Iron worth purchasing? ABSOLUTELY! He’s a fantastic update of one of my favorite under-used Cobra characters. He’s both an homage to the original as well as fantastic new design and that makes him a must-own in my book. So, if you’re tired of having Scrap Iron represented solely by his RAH sculpt order this Master of Destruction today. You really won’t be sorry you did!

Scrap Iron and the troops



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