Review & pics by: Fred Meyer

25th Anniversary Wave 4 - single carded figures

  Review & pics by Fred Meyer

I’m going to take a break from the regular review format here at JBL. Wave 4 of the single-carded 25th Anniversary figures are currently hitting stores and these offer fans a unique opportunity. All of the figures in this wave were previously released – just not in this format. The entirety of this line-up has already been reviewed in the various Battle Pack (five packs) so I don’t feel the need to rehash those reviews again. Instead, I’ve made each of the images a direct link to those reviews. The focus of this wave is the card individual card art and so, rather than a rehash review, I’ve posted a gallery of the packaged figures. Plain and simple—no one wants to hear me rehash old reviews.

There are a few differences to note in the single carded versions versus the Battle Packs. First off, most Gung-Ho figures released in this wave now lack the Navy anchor on the cap. Duke is now equipped with Gung-Ho’s backpack which is unchanged in color. Also, Duke’s “wee binoculars” are no longer included. The small SMG that was packaged in Destro’s backpack previously is now found on the plastic tray holding the figure along with the figure’s other weapons. To the best of my knowledge, these are the only real changes to the figures.

This wave represents a great opportunity for fans who just want to snag a favorite figure without having to pay for the entire Battle Pack. It’s also a “Christmas Present” from Hasbro as this wave wasn’t originally planned.

Here’s to 2008 and the ever-improving future of this line!




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