Review & pics by: Fred Meyer

Marauder Inc Wave 2 - Page 2

  Review & pics by Fred Meyer


This is another area where wave 2 really shines—the variety of the weapons available is fantastic! There is a wide enough variety of pistols, SMG’s, rifles, and heavy weapons to re-equip just about any troops you’ve got handy. Honestly, looking over these prototypes I can easily see myself re-arming a fair number of my existing troops. My VvV7 Vipers will all be getting NVR rifles; the Neo-Vipers will be getting the NCM rifles (which just so happen to resemble the rifles used in one of my favorite sci-fi flicks), whereas my Alley Vipers just might be going entirely P-90. (Or maybe my Joes will have a fair number of these as I’m a fan of Stargate SG-1 where this weapon is featured weekly.) My Spy Troop Lady Jaye will be receiving a pair of the 9mm Berettas so that she’ll finally have a pistol that she can actually hold. Even my DTC Wave 3 SAW Vipers will most likely be getting rearmed with the Marauder M249 SAW simply because the Marauder weapon features a folding bipod. Not only that but remember poor Shrage who didn’t come with a proper weapon in Comic Pack #7? He’ll be packing the Tommy gun that is similar enough to the weapon that he carried in the comics for me. Regardless of whether you’re looking for small arms or heavy weapons, Wave 2 has pretty much got all of the bases covered.


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