Gentle Giant Jumbo Rock N Roll

SDCC 2014: Gentle Giant G.I. Joe Debuts in December

Gentle Giant Ltd, a company known for their realistic scanning technology and upscaling of classic vintage figures, surprised G.I. Joe fans everywhere with a new line of up-scaled 1:18 Joes based on the original 1982 Joes.  That’s right– Gentle Giant G.I. Joe figures are coming! According to the intrepid reporters over at, the line…


G.I. Joe #21 Silent Interlude Gets Animated

Yes, this isn’t exactly “breaking news”.  However, in light of IDW’s forthcoming 30th Anniversary Silent Interlude hardcover release I found this to be pretty relevant. A number of years ago, Youtube user xgivanx sat down and “animated” the most famous issue of Larry Hama’s Marvel G.I. Joe run.  It’s not as flashy as some of the… 1982 - 1985 card art poster project.

New G.I. Joe carded artwork poster available from!

Here at JBL, we’re suckers for good G.I. Joe artwork and the website  So, imagine the utter glee that was experienced by one admin in particular when the following announcement went up on 3DJoes regarding their recent carded artwork poster project! Carded 3DJoes” posters are here! The first “Carded 3DJoes” poster is here! It…