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Was the G.I. Joe SDCC Exclusive Revealed Today?

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Danger at the Docks Comic Con

Okay, it’s been a day of a lot of site updates and image uploads (with much more to come) but one thing jumped out as I was uploading the Hasbro 1:18 scale images a few moments ago.

Danger At the Docks – ComicCon

This moniker was attached to the classic VAMP Mk II / Cobra Night Landing set.  So, is the proverbial feline now out of the bag?  Is this the G.I. Joe SDCC exclusive for 2014?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, check out JBL’s G.I. Joe Toy Fair 2014 page for updated images and 1:18 set descriptions.


Review: 2012 SDCC Jinx (white variant) Reviewed!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

2012 SDCC Jinx variant

I love being able to get caught up on older reviews.  Take, for example, the 2012 SDCC Jinx exclusive figure!  I was able to get the red version posted shortly after the convention but the white one has taken significantly longer.  However, what better way to spend a cold winter day than writing and reading a G.I. Joe figure review!  (Okay, I can think of a few but go with me, okay?)

If you’ve already got the red version, is this figure worth picking up?  Is an unmasked head really warranted?  How does she compare to other SDCC variants offered in the past?

Check out the review at the Exclusives Review Index and find out this Joe fan’s opinions!

2013 SDCC G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set now in stock at

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

G.I. Joe vs. Transformers SDCC 2013 exclusive set

There’s no need for a lot of verbiage here!  This year’s SDCC G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set is finally available!


Now that the lawsuit between Hasbro & Harmony Gold has been settled it would seem that the flood gates have been opened for the 2013 SDCC G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set featuring Jetfire, Hound, Blaster, Bludgeon, Baroness, Ravage, and more!  (Okay, there’s that Snake Eyes repaint but who REALLY needs Snake Eyes v 10,203 anymore? It’s a solid set and the “epic conclusion” to the series that began three years ago with Cobra Commander & Starscream and then evolved to Destro & Shockwave in 2012.

Got get it at

SDCC 2013: Jon M Chu discussed G.I. Joe 3!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

SDCC 2013 is winding down and G.I. Joe news has been a bit scarce.  However, the folks at CraveOnline decided to go straight to the source and talked to Jon M. Chu at the Hasbro booth about G.I. Joe 3!

Once again– I like what I’m hearing!  The fact that he’s open to bringing back characters from the first film that were noticeably absent in G.I. Joe: Retaliation is fantastic!  It’s very clear after reading all of the Retaliation interviews that director Jon M. Chu is a Joe fan from “way back” but that his hands were somewhat tied by having to acknowledge the events of Rise of Cobra.  However, that didn’t stop him from taking a pre-existing script and turning it into a action tour-de-force worthy of the Joes we all know and love.  Now, with more creative control and a self-professed love of the Marvel Comics series I can only speculate just what lies in store for the third film in the series.

Bringing back Scarlet because she has “more stories to tell”?  YO JOE!!!

A big thanks to the folks at CraveOnline for posting the interview!

SDCC 2013: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set revealed!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

G.I. Joe vs. Transformers SDCC 2013 exclusive set

The 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set has been announced via USA Today and trust me, this SDCC set is a doozy!

Listing at only $99 and available at the booth, this year’s set includes the following:

  • Jetfire (modified Skystriker)
  • Hound (modified 25th Anniversary VAMP)
  • Snake Eyes
  • Baroness (new head sculpt!)
  • Ravage (with leash)
  • Blaster (with 3 cassettes)
  • Bludgeon (based on the forthcoming Budo body!)

Just looking at this list it’s easy to see that Hasbro is going for broke with what is billed as the “epic conclusion” to their series of G.I. Joe vs. Transformers exclusives.  With two larger vehicles, three figures, and a slew of new accessories it’s easily the most impressive piece in the series.  (Last year’s Shockwave HISS w/ Destro and Constructi-BAT was no slouch, however.) For the cost, this set is a STEAL!

For me, one of the high points of the entire set is the Baroness and Ravage which hearkens back to the cancelled statue that was based on early artwork from Dreamwave’s G.I. Joe vs. Transformers crossover comic series.   The new Baroness head is awesome and, well, Ravage has been one of my favorite Transformers since G1 debuted!  Plus, the VAMP has been and always will be my favorite G.I. Joe vehicle– throwing in Jetfire just makes this set PURE WIN to me.  The use of the forthcoming Budo body to produce Bludgeon is just the icing on the cake.  (Nice work by John Warden and the guys in Pawtucket on this one!)

Check out Brian Truitt’s article on for some great quotes from both John and Derryl DePriest about this set and start making plans now to snag this one– I have the feeling that Hasbro could never produce enough to meet the demand this time!

JBL Review: 2012 San Diego Comic Con G.I. Joe/Transformers Shockwave!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

San Diego Comic Con exclusive Shockwave Destro Bat

The design team at Hasbro has established a new tradition for their San Diego Comic Con exclusives- G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover sets!  Last year it was Starscream as a Skystriker and Cobra Commander with Megatron.  This year the team took that concept and cranked the dial up to “11″!  Not only did this year’s set include the G.I. Joe Retaliation HISS tank turned into Shockwave, but it brought Destro, a BAT, and familiar-looking tape recorder along for the ride!

Check the JBL review of the 2012 G.I. Joe/Transformers exclusive set over at the newly launched Exclusives Review Index!

(See, I told you more reviews were coming!)

SDCC: G.I. Joe exclusive Kim Arashikage (standard version) reviewed!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

2012 SDCC Jinx

As the theme song from the dreadful series “Enterprise” starts out: “It’s been a long time…”  (Nearly four years since I’ve penned a figure review to be exact.)

This year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive has landed– on her feet as a ninja should!  Lucky attendees of the SDCC were able to snag an updated version of Kim Arashikage (aka “Jinx” to her friends and teammates) at the booth.  Released in two different versions, Jinx features Generation 3 tooling and articulation– and even a movie-accurate head sculpt on her variant version.  However, she’s also proven to be a true ninja– elusive to acquire on! 

So, is this figure worthwhile?  Check out the 2012 SDCC Kim Arashikage review and see what this Joe fan thinks!

Also– note that Jinx isn’t linked anywhere but on the main page of JBL currently.  As part of a return to the review-writing world I’ve got a few maintenance issues to take care of in terms of the site organization.  Look for a new “exclusives” index to be launched soon as well as a section dedicated to the G.I. Joe Retaliation line!

SDCC: Items up at HTS now! (Joe already out of stock.)

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

In what is becoming a bit of a tradition, Joe fans have been hitting since the SDCC ended on Sunday, eagerly hitting F5 to refresh their screens in the hope of getting a chance to snag the sought-after exclusives.

It would seem that the inventory is now showing up online– however, the Joe items are already “sold out” for now.

Here are a few direct links for those who are going to brave server crashes and other techno-gremlins:

SDCC: Derryl DePriest interviewed!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The SDCC is one of the most intense genre experiences of the year!  Chock full of movie and TV reveals, it’s possible to forget that it is rapidly becoming a rival to Toy Fair in terms of toy news!   Hasbro was on scene again this year and JBL staffer and owner Nomad was on the scene to talk to Hasbro’s own Derryl DePriest.

Check out the interview below:

Despite the madness that is SDCC, Hasbro’s Derryl DePriest was kind enough to take out a few minutes for us to batter him with some Q&A. What follows, is my best attempt to transcribe such verbage, above the din of the overwhelming throng, and some Con-goers who didn’t understand what “private interview” meant. Special thanks to Joe Moscone and Justin Aclin of Hunter PR for giving us the opportunity, and Fred Meyer of Joe Battlelines for putting the contacts in place. As always, thanks to Derryl: a gracious, patient, and willing victim.

Declassified: You’re aware of the backlog issues at retailers, items/waves getting stuck at warehouses and eventually being pushed to discount stores; is there a plan to circumvent that?

Well, that’s unfortunately part of the environment we work in. When things go according to plan, then there’s no issues. We’ll make our release decisions based on what we anticipate our future needs will be. We’ll release those waves right to it, and the size of that wave will meet the market need. So, if the fan-base is growing, we need to make enough of it, or fans will complain it’s short. But, if for some reason we’re delivering a substandard wave, or we’re not meeting the needs, then our point of sale will go down. That hasn’t necessarily happened. The big problem here has been calling the right size for G.I Joe in the absence of any entertainment activity, and we haven’t found the right cadence yet. So, what it means is that when we re-launch a new line, we’ll put our first shot in there of what we think we need, and if it doesn’t meet our needs, then we’re in trouble, because everything’s backed up after that. It’s all about calling the right numbers.

With Retaliation, we think we’ve started fresh, and we’re off to the right start, and we have the right cadence. It’s all about right-sizing those expectations. So, if everything goes according to plan, we shouldn’t have any of those wave issues. But when we do release the inventory, and we have problems like we’ve had – Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart – they’re jammed, they can’t get out of it, and it’s massively expensive to the company to go pull inventory out of retail. Basically, it costs us their retail price to pull a figure out and replace it with a different figure that we sell for less, since we sell at wholesale. So when we get jammed like that, it’s a major problem, so we’re working hard to avoid that at all. So that’s my commitment – that’s one thing on the Joe brand that I want to make sure we do, is get into that cadence where we don’t have these problems.

But, the TJ Maxx’s of the world become valuable partners to get product out that we’ve already made, that we have no way to distribute. It’s either that, or donate it to charity, or shred it – and we never want to do that. So, they’re valuable partners. It’s a great channel and avenue for us, but regionally, they’re limited.

Is there any plan, as it was in the 80’s, to align the visual medium (cartoon), comic, and toy, with the toy driving the way, and the comic and cartoon following, even year by year? Is there a mentality, approaching the future, to try to get that same universal level of tie-in again?

Yes. That’s an outrageously great question. One thing that is at the center of what we do, and we’ve had a lot of lines that were lacking…I would say “soul” before…The Pursuit of Cobra was an attempt to get into that cadence. The things that followed it – Renegades – we never got synched up, because that show started before we could get going, and our follow up line was already out there. I think with the team, what I want to do is make sure that we get back more into that mentality, even if it’s internal storytelling in waves. So, kind of do stories that tie figures together, like little mini-stories. No plans to integrate IDW into the mix – they’re doing their own thing and we’re letting them tell their own stories. But we definitely want, after the movie, to figure out what the next entertainment story is, and ideally it would be a TV play, and we’re not there yet as the delay in the movie has pushed everything out. Ideally there would be a stronger integration between entertainment and toys, and that’s what we’re going work on, or at least, more story-telling rather than just putting more random unrelated figures out.

I know you had Resolute, Renegades… you have Retaliation – so far, in all 3 of those, the toy line hasn’t perfectly lined up. Is there a possibility then, with those old concepts, to release figures that were tied to those, even though you don’t have that medium to support them anymore? Or are those pretty much going to get written off?

Not right now. I think one thing we want to do is make sure we focus on the entertainment that’s in front of us, or focus on getting high-demand figures back out. And that may be related to your question. I’m not sure what the lingering demand is for more Resolute or Renegades figures.

Resolute HISS tank. Want.

OK. Well, that’s an interesting one. There could be a possibility down the road for that. But for more figures connected to that, or more multi-packs, or things like that, there won’t be any new ones, and unlikely there won’t be any more for that [Resolute]. If it’s new figures for Resolute, it’s very unlikely.

The thing with Renegades, we’re now putting Renegades behind us. It’s possible that figures could come out, but especially as part of the Vault project that started at Joe Con, it’s possible that there could be Renegades figures in the mix, but we wouldn’t do the vehicles – it would be just too expensive.

Have you considered the possibility, as you have Hasbro Toy Shop here at SDCC…at the Joe Con, of Hasbro selling directly to the people that show up at the Joe conventions.

We’ve looked at that before, and we feel that Brian Savage and the Collector’s Club, can take care of that audience. We would be slightly duplicative. But also, Hasbro Toy Shop, we only go to one show a year. We actually stopped going to [Star Wars] Celebration, because the economies of scale don’t work for us, so we just focus and put our efforts on the one show a year. So, we’ll let Brian take care of that.

You have two years running of a Joe/Transformers SDCC exclusive going here at the show. Is that a plan you intend to keep going with?

No comment. Would that be of interest to fans?

And that’s that! Thanks for reading. If you have other questions you think we can track down answers to, hit us up here.


A HUGE thanks to Sam Damon (aka “Nomad”) for his con legwork!  Be sure to check out for more pics from this year’s SDCC!

SDCC 2012: In hand pics of red Jinx

Friday, May 18th, 2012

SDCC exclusives can be a tricky thing.   Figures like the 25th “Pimp Daddy Destro” were easy to get if you wanted the silver version but the variant gold head proved far more elusive.  Sgt. Slaughter was HIGHLY sought after and yet the Convention Cobra Commander is still relatively easy to find.  (Let’s not mention Zarana– she’s a sore spot for some collectors… especially after the Dreadnok 7 pack made her an essential piece to complete any Dreadnok collection.)

At Toy Fair 2012, Hasbro unveiled their SDCC exclusives which included two versions of Kim Arashikage– better known to fans as “Jinx”.  Over at, Gyre-Viper has gotten his hands on an early sample and has posted a gallery of images of the red version.  I’ve mirrored a few below but I’d suggest checking out the thread over at JoeDeclassified for more.

Overall she looks pretty solid!  It’s an interesting mix of new and existing Storm Shadow parts.  While I don’t know about the white version yet, I’ll most likely be tracking down this red version come late summer.