Press images of Pursuit of Cobra vehicles waves 1 & 2!

More images from the folks in Pawtucket today!

Hasbro sent out press images of the vehicles that comprise Pursuit of Cobra waves 1 & 2.  Included are the HISS v5 that made its debut in Kansas City in 2009 (along with the Ice Cutter), the repurposed Sigma 6 Mechs, as well as a reissued Snow Cat– now dubbed the Wolf Hound.

For me, it’s a mixed bag.  The design of the new HISS intrigued me when Richard Woodhouse first unveiled it two years ago.  I really like the updates to the classic Sky Hawk design found on the Ghost Hawk, even if the pilot feels a bit uninspired.  The Joe’s new Steel Marauder reminds me of the walkers used in Roughnecks Starship Troopers– and that’s not a bad thing.  However the Deviant leaves me a bit cold.  Madmac41 keeps insisting that I need a Doom Cycle but the jury is still out on that way.

Check out the images in all their HI-Res glory in the gallery below!

Press images of Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 figures!

The good folks at Hasbro have sent over some press images of the next wave of the Pursuit of Cobra, due in stores October 2010.  Among the latest additions to the line are the Arctic Destro, Jungle Viper, and Recondo figures first glimpsed at the 2009 G.I. Joe collector’s convention.

I’ve been hanging back on G.I. Joe for the past few years.  Sure, I bought a great deal of the Rise of Cobra figures but the same-ness of the design from character to character just didn’t win me over.  So far I have to admit that I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen released for Pursuit of Cobra.  Sure, there are still movie tie-in design elements found throughout, but many of these figures are just well thought out.  Personally, that Recondo figure has me very intrigued.  Yes, yes it does and even though I think the hi-tech gillie suit of the Jungle Viper will most likely limit his poseability, the overall aesthetic is very very sharp.

Check out the images in the gallery below.