How are your collections organized?

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How are your collections organized?

Postby ATC-Mike » June 20th, 2017, 5:45 pm

So how do you guys organize your collections?

At one point I had all my stuff organized by venue (jungle, desert, Arctic, swamp, ocean, etc.). For some reason I didn't like that so I recently re-organized everything by the year it was originally released (from 1982 to 1994). That's helped me keep up with what I'm missing from each series plus it helps with the nostalgia factor because I can see the figures and vehicles that came out together and kind of the order that I played with them as a kid. But this system tends to fall apart around '88 and '89 going into the '90s because of the team-based concepts. (I'm keeping the teams together even though some were released different years.)

Just curious what others do.
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Re: How are your collections organized?

Postby Shinnobi » June 21st, 2017, 2:54 pm

As much as i would like to better organize them, i haven't gotten there...yet. The majority of my collection are separated by either Joe or Cobra faction, mostly by period of release. Though, i do have same model/different deco vehicles (like vamps & hisses) grouped in the same bin/box together.
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Re: How are your collections organized?

Postby brig » June 21st, 2017, 7:50 pm

Vintage I display by year (except sub groups, they all go together)

JvC guys are kinda by year too

Modern Era I have by squads of usually seven to thirteen, mostly by vintage years. But I have a ton of custom characters that get branched off into teams too. Cobra is displayed with the command guys and then all the troops. I am mainly a blue shirt guy so I have aroungd 150 ish Cobra Troopers, and about 100 Vipers. The rest I just bought five to ten if I liked them.

Vehicles are just mixed all over the place because I still have adventures with my ME Joes and use all eras of vehicles with them.
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