Joe Con 2015: Hasbro retail two-packs unveiled!

Wow– there’s a lot to report for Joe Con 2015!

The Hasbro panel was yesterday and Derryl DePriest and Mark Weber revealed a whole new slate of products that will be exclusive to both Toys R Us and  The line is essentially a continuation of the 50th anniversary series and will be available on August 1, 2015. Eagle-eyed fans will recognize some of these figures from previous concept case displays.

Swamp Steam

  • Croc Master & Blowtorch
  • the two announced-but-not-released figures at last

Swamp Steam 2pk

Troop Build-Up

  • Iron Grenadier & Steel Brigade
  • Intended to help army builders by not including a named character

Troop Buildup 2pk

Classic Clash

  • Storm Shadow & Spirit Iron-Knife
  • Inspired by the classic Sunbow rivalry
  • Current lead designer feels that Storm Shadow v2 never had a proper release

Classic Clash 2pk

Hunt for Cobra Commander

  • Cobra Commander & Concept Case Shipwreck
  • Shipwreck’s t-shirt emblazoned with “NAVY” underneath vest

Hunt For Cobra Commander 2pk

Marine Devastation

  • Cobra Shadow Guard & Gung-Ho
  • Retaliation Crimson Guard repaint
  • 2013 concept case Gung-Ho was the most requested figure shown from previous Joe Cons!
  • Will be “HUGE, according to Mark Weber
  • Gung-Ho is a near-perfect color match for the original vintage version

Marine Devastation 2pk

To paraphrase Sunbow Roadblock: “I won’t lie, Gung-Ho brings a tear to my eye!”  Honestly, these figures looked just as good in the case as they did in the PR images.

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One thought on “Joe Con 2015: Hasbro retail two-packs unveiled!

  • April 13, 2015 at 4:47 AM

    I’m down to buy each pack, but that’s the last Blowtorch I buy, I mean it this time.

    Great to see some more concept case releases.

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